About Promisedland Orphanage

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Promisedland Orphanage is a 501c3 non-profit Christian organization started in 1997 by Rick and Radha White. When Rick first visited India with his wife Radha, he was moved with compassion after seeing hundreds of orphaned children wandering the streets lost and alone. At first the Whites offered assistance to orphanages in India. However, in 1996 it became clear that they were to open an orphanage of their own.

On November 10, 1997, Promisedland Orphanage opened its doors to abandoned children. Today, there are thirty children living at two locations: The Promisedland Orphanage in Coimbatore, India, and the Deborah Project, which is a branch of the Promisedland ministry. The thirty children (and growing) in the orphanages are taken care of by nine dedicated staff members. A pastor and his wife run the Deborah Project and care for eight children. The other seven staff members take care of the twenty-two children who are currently living at the Promisedland Orphanage.

The orphanage is in two locations, one of which is on farmland. This location is in need of a gate and wells ($750 to dig) for a sufficient water supply. We have plans to develop the farmland into a productive farm to help feed the children and provide additional income. The farm still needs cows ($150 each, for three), goats ($25 each, for four), and chickens ($25 for a pair). Enclosures need to be built for all of the animals: cow stalls, goat stalls, and chicken coops cost $300 to build a piece. We also intend to cultivate the land and grow vegetables and fruits to sell at the market. The land has coconut trees and room for other crops.

Please consider donating generously to help us achieve our objective of raising a "Deborah Generation" of young women that will build a brighter future for India's children.

Won't you help us stop this atrocity against newborn baby girls?